AVAILABLE NOW FOR 2003-07 5.9L and 2008-10 6.7 L
About The Zeus ECM.
There has been a need for end user control over the common rail Cummins since its inception. Not so much for the guys who are daily driving and adding 200hp but for the guys who want to squeeze every last drop of horsepower out of one. There were other units available but they were not only very expensive but also very complicated. I am not sure someone who designs ECM’s would have an easy time navigating through them, so how would an end user be able to do it?

A New Universal Controller.
The old universal controllers were not designed specifically for anything. Meaning you have to wire it up yourself, machine your cam gear, along with other modifications.. For a while, no software was provided from Bosch. What's the point? You are buying an ECM to have control over your engine, iIf you change any engine component, your program needed to change and you needed the ability to do that. A lot of careful research and planning went into the Zeus. We wanted to deliver a fully functional unit from the start, but we also wanted the ability to expand. The ECM needed to be reliable, capable of maximum performance, loaded with features, and most importantly, easy to use.

No More Wiring Issues.
Having the customer wire up their own unit was not an option. Accidents happen, and if a customer makes a mistake and ruins a board, it could be very expensive. Also, you may find yourself where you need to put the factory ECM back on. If you have modified your harness and cam gear, you are out of luck. Why not make it engine specific? This unit will run any common rail engine, but we put the extra effort into making it plug and play for both the 5.9 and 6.7 Cummins.

Manual Control.
The Zeus ECM also has a manual mode. This is where you enter a pulse width, timing, and duty cycle on the pump, and run the engine. This all happens in real time and will give you a feel for how the engine reacts when something is changed. This is extremely handy to get a feel for how the engine reacts to changes in parameters. Getting a feel for your engine will help you in tuning the maps. The tables are easy to navigate and easily understandable. Much effort is going into ensuring that the documentation is up to the same high standards of usability as the software.

Five Position Switch.
There is a five position tune selection switch that can be used in a couple of ways. One is to have different maps loaded in. Say a fuel economy tune, a race tune, a tow tune, one for use on the dyno, etc. if you are tuning on the dyno, load some changes in the maps, make a pull, turn the switch, make another pull, turn the switch again. It is a quicker way to do your tuning than changing a map in between each dyno run.

Data Logging.
The ECM has a built in data logger. You can log all of the information in the Zeus as well as from the 3 programmable digital input/outputs and 12 fully programmable analog inputs/outputs. These can be used to read additional egt probes, boost sensors, control nitrous solenoids, fuel pumps, electric fans, water injection, etc. There is a separate port for CAN communication. This could be used to communicate to an external gauge cluster such as the PCS dash logger. CAN communication to the TIP (totally integrated power) module in the truck is done through the factory harness.

Unlimited RPM.
The Zeus ECM will allow you to unleash the RPM potential of your engine! We have exceeded the mechanical ability of the engine, meaning we can command the injector to open and close faster than it is physically able to perform. RPM depends on a lot of variables, head flow, injector size, cam profile are just a few. The Zeus Controller can command the injectors to open at a specific crank timing, and for a specific number of microseconds. For example, at 8000 RPM and 30 degrees of timing you might need a 625 microsecond pulse width, while a larger injection nozzle may need a shorter pulse width and will probably need more pressure. The Zeus ECM will help you may make peak horsepower at an optimal rpm for your unique engine set-up while allowing you full control to do what you want.

No Limits.
The Zeus and the Software are not going to be the limiting factor. Your only limits will be the mechanical ability of your engine. With the engine running wide open the processor is only using 3% of its capability. There are other things that will come into play. Faster injectors, more airflow through the head, stronger internal components. These should give you an indication of some of our future projects. This now takes performance to the next level. For the conversion guys, a lot of things will be made easier. Being able to run whatever pedal you want and just choosing the calibration for it in the software. Running the cruise off the factory buttons without a servo, controlling the fan, etc.

For competition off road use. Available Now for $3800.

The Zeus ECM gives you complete end user control over - Fuel Quantity Per Stroke, RPM, Injection Events, Pulse Width, Rail Pressure, Timing, and much more!
Download ZEUS Set Up file [Click Here - Zip Format] 132.46 MB
List of features:
Full engine control by the end user; no limits. Five position switch Manual mode for testing and diagnostics
Plugs into the factory harness and works with the stock sensors Pilot injection Controls Two CP3 fuel pumps
Works with stock cam gear Controls both the factory alternator and fan Can communicate with an external gauge cluster such as PCS dash logger
Change tunes on the fly Has CAN communication with the TIP module in the truck Built in Datalogger
Will control external components such as nitrous solenoids, fuel pumps, and electric fans. Reads external sensors and datalogs
Drag racing stutter function (similar to a 2 step for the gas racers)
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